“It’s important to emphasise that EFCEMBIM is free, not only for manufacturers who are uploading their BIM files but also for users who are downloading and creating designs or quotations. Some commercial BIM libraries charge manufacturers €2,500 or more to host their data. Furthermore, it will be possible to connect other BIM-libraries to EFCEMBIM free of charge, making EFCEMBIM the global reference point for manufacturers to provide their BIM-files.” 
Drewry Pearson - EFCEM President

BIM doesn't need to be a confusing subject!


The EFCEMBIM resource aims to demystify the confusion around BIM and provide a focal point not only for designers to access manufacturers data and models but to bring everyone in the industry up to the same level of understanding.


Some are likening the advent of BIM as being the same as coming from the drawing board to CAD. 


Don't get left behind and get in touch with the EFCEMBIM consultant Specifi Global for more information on how to get BIM Ready.


Manufacturers already have all the information required to become BIM ready. 


Submitting data in a spreadsheet format (PDT) is acceptable or providing already existing specification sheets is enough to get started. BIM does not only focus on the preliminary designs of a building but also the hand over to facility managers. Providing O&M manuals, Spare Parts Diagrams/Lists and all the technical data in PDF format about your products will be required to produce a compliant BIM model successfully.


The 3D BIM file can be in any format including Revit, IFC, Archicad and much more. EFCEMBIM allows the upload of any BIM file format as well as CAD DWG files.



As an EFCEMBIM registered manufacturer, you will be given complete control over your product data. You retain the intellectual property of information and BIM files. Accessing and editing information is easy and straight forward.


The EFCEMBIM administration portal exists as the single entry point via username and password for secure access to manage and maintain BIM information. You can even control who gets access to your content too.


Easy to use features include the ability to update information via brand with percentages or update services details for an appliance. 


Information can also be used by manufacturers to publish product details on their own website with a live connection using the EFCEMBIM API.


Up to date information in EFCEMBIM means updated information everywhere.


No hosting costs, no annual charges. The only requirement is that you are a member of an EFCEM related trade association




The only costs a manufacturer incurs is the creation of BIM Models. Contact Specifi for more information. 


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EFCEMBIM is an EFCEM initiative to provide European manufacturers with an open access, single, unified library of data useable on all BIM software.


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